The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a long concrete wall, built in 1961, dividing the city in two. For over 28 year, many people trying to escape over the wall died. Families and friendships were torn apart by 155 km of concrete, until it fell on November 9, 1989.

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The original Wall

Today, there are only a few sections of the Berlin Wall, spread over a few points.The East Side Gallery is an art gallery located on a section of 1,316 meters on the east side of the Berlin Wall, which was saved from demolition with this purpose.

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Welcome winter pictures

Winter is almost here and we want you to enjoy it. In order to do so, you may share or even download the fanstastic pictures and cards provided to you below. Welcome winter!

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Halloween animated pictures

If this Halloween you‘re away from your friends but still want to share it with them, feel free to use our pictures and share them on their walls. Below we leave some animated cards that will make your friends scream in fear!

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25 years – Fall of The Berlin Wall

This Sunday, the arrival of hundreds of thousands of visitors, and specially invited people from around the world to remember the night of November 9, 1989 is expected. During that night, the huge concrete blocks that had divided the city and the world for over 28 years fell down.
wall15e The-limitations-of-concrete-25-years-after-the-Berlin-Wall the_berlin_wall_018

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