First Sunday of Advent

The Season of Advent (from the Latin adventus, advent”, “arrival”), is a time of preparation for the Birth of Jesus, representing the four thousand and more years old that people were waiting and longing for the coming the Messiah. Season of Advent lasts four Sundays.

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Advent is a time of love, faith and the hope of the Church. Advent Lectionary Bible focuses on announcements of Jesus’ birth, the Messianic times, and glorious return of Christ . Each Sunday has an specific theme expectation of the Lord (Sunday first ); the urgency of conversion in the notices of John the Baptist (Sunday second); the testimony of the Precursor (Sunday third), and the announcement of the birth of the Lord (fourth Sunday).
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When is Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday is usually the first Sunday in February or the last Sunday in January. Although not an official holiday, Super Bowl Sunday has certainly become an American tradition. Fans gather for large parties in celebration of the big game. There is a noticeable lack of traffic on the roads as almost everyone is at home watching the game on TV, and sales of snacks and beverages on this day are second only to New Years Eve.




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Guru Nanak Jayanti – Public Holiday

There are three national holidays in India: Republic Day (January, 26), Independence Day ( August, 15) and Gandhi Jayanti (October, 2).  Indians are known for their massive festivals and celebrations, and because of this, there are also some special dates, like Guru Nanak Jayanti´s festival, that are considered as public holidays because of the siginicance and importance it has for the people.

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