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The International Civil Aviation Organization works with an Assembly, which is composed of representatives of the 185 contracting states of the UN and is the supreme organ of the body. It also has a Council consisting of members from 33 countries around the world.

Commercial Airliner in Flight airshow1b airshow1a


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Ashura downloadable images

The feast of Ashura is by far the most crowded faithful Shiite in the streets of Karbala, where Hussein is buried. There, it is common to find Afghans, Uzbeks and mixed with Lebanese and Iraqi Pakistanis. All are dedicated to mourn the death of Hussein, and many flagellate to stage the pain felt by the martyr.

ashura-turkey-wome_1787910i ashura-muharram-pics-to-download Ashura-Muharram-HD-Wallpapers-2012

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