Useful Images – Hanukkah

While it is true that the tradition of chandelier is the most important, there are others that are also interesting. For example, in the gastronomic level, jam-filled donuts and fried potatoes are consumed; Hanukkah is that in the foods consumed are mainly fried in oil.

20121129_TFK-HANUKKAH 1960111386_ candles

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Guru Gobind Singh downloadable images

Born in 1666, Guru Gobind Singh was the last of the ten Sikh gurus. His father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, was the ninth guru. He is best known for establishing the Khalsa, the spiritual brotherhood devoted to defending Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh is also remembered for his teachings, which include the ideas that living with love, charity, and integrity was more important than observing religious rituals and that men and women are equal.

3kingsxmas 16th-century_unknown_painters_-_Epiphany_-_WGA23751 15b4037a52196d382eb5cbccf6268eb5_001

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Ashura downloadable images

The feast of Ashura is by far the most crowded faithful Shiite in the streets of Karbala, where Hussein is buried. There, it is common to find Afghans, Uzbeks and mixed with Lebanese and Iraqi Pakistanis. All are dedicated to mourn the death of Hussein, and many flagellate to stage the pain felt by the martyr.

ashura-turkey-wome_1787910i ashura-muharram-pics-to-download Ashura-Muharram-HD-Wallpapers-2012

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All Saints’ day images for facebook

All Saints’ Day, November 1, was instituted by the Church to commemorate the day of those who have no space in the calendar, and also as a way for the Catholics to honor all the saints that are not cellebrated during the rest of the year.
allsaintsday all-saints1 All-Saints

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