Keep calm quotes

Hi bloggers! In this post we are going to share with you the best “keep calm” quotes. Feel free to do whatever you want with these cards ranging from sharing to downloading them. So…keep calm and wish you a happy day!




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Welcome winter pictures

Winter is almost here and we want you to enjoy it. In order to do so, you may share or even download the fanstastic pictures and cards provided to you below. Welcome winter!

keep-calm-and-welcome-winter-6 IMG_6602text2 IMG_4270 images_012

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Halloween animated pictures

If this Halloween you‘re away from your friends but still want to share it with them, feel free to use our pictures and share them on their walls. Below we leave some animated cards that will make your friends scream in fear!

TgC_halloween010 Imagen animada halloween 01_001 images_003

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