Happy Halloween – Feliz Halloween

Today all-images leaves you the best posters to share with friends and wish them a happy halloween . Here you will find images not only in English but also in Spanish in case you have to scare friends abroad. I hope you enjoy these images and have a happy Halloween !!

Feliz Halloween 58 Feliz Halloween 48_001 Feliz Halloween 20

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25 th Anniversary

Germany prepares to celebrate this Sunday the main events of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Exibitions, lectures, and concerts among others, are taking place during  the whole week, as a way of remembering the event that marked a before and after in world politics.

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Wedding anniversary names

Each year wedding anniversary remains especially for people who are in that situation. Each of these anniversaries is named depending on years held:
1: Paper.
2: Cotton.
3: Leather.
4: Lino.
5: Madera.
6: Hierro.
7: Lana.
8: Bronze.
9: Clay.
10: Aluminum.
11: Steel.
12: Seda.
13: Lace.
14: Ivory.
15: Cristal.
16: Ivy.
17: Wallflower.
18: Quartz.
19: Honeysuckle
20: Porcelain.

21: Oak.
22: Copper.
23: Water.
24: Granite.
25: Silver.
26: Rosas.
27: Jet.
28: Amber
29: Garnet.
30: Perla.
31: Ebony.
32: Copper.
33: Tin.
34: Poppy.
35: Coral.
36: Flint.
37. Stone.
38: Jade.
39: Agate.
40: Ruby.

41: Topaz.
42: Jasper.
43: Opal.
44: Turquoise.
45: Sapphire.
46: Nacre.
47. Amethyst.
48: Feldspar.
49: Zircon.
50: Oro.
55: Esmeralda
60: Diamante.
65: Platinum.
70: Titanium.
75: Bright
80: Oak.
85: Marble.
90: Granite.
95: Onyx.
100: West.




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Anniversary month of BSA

February of ea year is the anniversary month of Boy Scouts of America. The celebration starts with Scout Sunday which is the Sunday before February 8 of each year. The Scout Sabbath is one the Saturday after February 8.




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Happy by Pharrell Williams

“Happy” is a song written, produced, and performed by American singer and producer Pharrell Williams from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album. It also served as the lead single from Williams’ second studio album, Girl (2014). It was first released on November 21, 2013, alongside a long-form music video.




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