Wedding anniversary names

Each year wedding anniversary remains especially for people who are in that situation. Each of these anniversaries is named depending on years held:
1: Paper.
2: Cotton.
3: Leather.
4: Lino.
5: Madera.
6: Hierro.
7: Lana.
8: Bronze.
9: Clay.
10: Aluminum.
11: Steel.
12: Seda.
13: Lace.
14: Ivory.
15: Cristal.
16: Ivy.
17: Wallflower.
18: Quartz.
19: Honeysuckle
20: Porcelain.

21: Oak.
22: Copper.
23: Water.
24: Granite.
25: Silver.
26: Rosas.
27: Jet.
28: Amber
29: Garnet.
30: Perla.
31: Ebony.
32: Copper.
33: Tin.
34: Poppy.
35: Coral.
36: Flint.
37. Stone.
38: Jade.
39: Agate.
40: Ruby.

41: Topaz.
42: Jasper.
43: Opal.
44: Turquoise.
45: Sapphire.
46: Nacre.
47. Amethyst.
48: Feldspar.
49: Zircon.
50: Oro.
55: Esmeralda
60: Diamante.
65: Platinum.
70: Titanium.
75: Bright
80: Oak.
85: Marble.
90: Granite.
95: Onyx.
100: West.




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25 th Anniversary

Germany prepares to celebrate this Sunday the main events of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Exibitions, lectures, and concerts among others, are taking place during  the whole week, as a way of remembering the event that marked a before and after in world politics.

images image_001 image

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Animals day cards, images and wallpapers

Hi bloggers! As you may know, we are a few days from celebrating Animals Day and that’s why we are going to share with you some fantastic images, cards and wallpapers. Among these, you will find the cutest animals in the web.




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Images about World Oceans Day

On December 5, 2008, the United Nations General Assembly decided that since 2009, the June 8 World Oceans Day would be held. Next you are going to find some cards and images for you to download and share on this day.




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Cards and images for the Day of the Seafarer

The Day of the Seafarer is a day held to generate debate and discussions on safety at sea and the lives of the crew of the ships. Next you are going to find some cool cards and images about this day for you to download for free.




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Cards and images for Flag Day

Today, June 14, we celebrate the “Flag Day”, whose act was approved for official use during the Second Continental Congress in 1777. Next you are going to find lots of cards and images for you to download, share or print totally for free!




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