How do different countries celebrate All Saints’ Day?

  • In Spain, people visit their loved ones and take them flowers. It is the day of the year when more flowers are sold.
  • In Mexico, this celebration is combined with the Day of the Dead (celebrated on NOV 2nd). People make offerings at the graves to give the deceased food, drinks, flowers and things that they like, which are removed on day 2 night.
  • In Guatemala, visits are made to the cemeteries usually leaving flowers and sometimes food to the decease.

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Emotions on Election Day

Election Day onĀ  November, 4. According to some specialists, during this special day, people can go through different emotions affecting their vote. Feelings like anxiety, anger, fear or surprise can have an important impact on their vote. Be sure about your decisions, read about your rights, and get information. These little things will help you to be relaxed during this crucial day.

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