Rules to understand to Morse Code

In the Morse Code the line has a duration equivalent to three points or units. It is important to know the following rules to understand how the Morse Code works:

  • The point is considered as a unit or 1/25 sec.
  • The line is three points.
  • Among other impulse momentum and there is a time unit.
  • Enter a character, number, or symbol and another there are three units of time.
  • Between a word and another word there are five time units.




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Greetings in Different Languages

Since 1973, the World Greeting Day is celebrated every year around the world. Here the are some greetings in different languages: BONJOUR – French, HOLA – Spanish, GUTEN TAG – German, CIAO – Italian, NAMASTE – Hindi, OLÀ – Portuguese, MERHABA – Turkish, SZIA – Hungarian, SAIN BAINUU- Mongolian, NI HAU – Mandarin.

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