Advent Wreath

The Advent wreath is rooted in a European pagan tradition that was to light candles during the winter to represent the fire of god, to return with its light and heat during the winter. The first missionaries took this tradition to evangelize peopleThe crown is formed by a variety of symbols.

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Advent are the four Sundays before Christmas, they form a unit with Christmas . The color  used in the liturgy of the Church during this time is purple. With Advent a new liturgical year begins in the Church. The meaning of Advent for the believers is that of waiting for the Lord.

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During Advent, is placed in churches and in some homes a wreath of pine branches, called Advent wreath with four candles, one for each Sunday of Advent. There is little tradition of Advent: each of these four candles is assigned a virtue to be improved in that week, for example: first, hope; the second, peace; the third, fourth tolerance and faith.

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“The Lord is Coming”

First Sunday of Advent: “The Lord is coming.” In the opening prayer the faithful ask God to quicken their desire to reach out to Christ accompanied by their good works. The Sunday Gospel texts are taken from the end of the eschatological discourse of Jesus and insist on monitoring required by the unexpected return of Jesus. 

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Advent is a time of love, faith and the hope of the Church. Advent Lectionary Bible focuses on announcements of Jesus’ birth, the Messianic times, and glorious return of Christ . Each Sunday has an specific theme expectation of the Lord (Sunday first ); the urgency of conversion in the notices of John the Baptist (Sunday second); the testimony of the Precursor (Sunday third), and the announcement of the birth of the Lord (fourth Sunday).
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First Sunday of Advent

The Season of Advent (from the Latin adventus, advent”, “arrival”), is a time of preparation for the Birth of Jesus, representing the four thousand and more years old that people were waiting and longing for the coming the Messiah. Season of Advent lasts four Sundays.

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