What are the objectives of World Blood Donor Day?

The objectives of World Blood Donor Day campaign this year are:
• To thank blood donors donations, that save lives;
• To promote voluntary blood donation;
• To raise awareness about the need to regularly give blood because the blood components have a short period of conservation, and encouraging regular donors and potential donors to donate blood regularly;





Activities available on World Blood Donor Day

Some of the activities available on World Blood Donor Day are: celebrations, meetings, publication and dissemination of personal testimonies in the media, scientific conferences, publication of articles in scientific journals of national, regional and international levels, and other activities that contribute to promoting the theme of World Blood Donor Day this year.





Why did the Civil War take place?

Almost two hundred years would pass that civil recognition, appeared in the letter of the law. The Civil War was caused by the need to free labor force for that portion of the country, which had reached a high technological development and increased such productivity, which was only able to sustain a greater mobility of the workforce and an adjustment in production costs. That slavery limited mobility and those adjustments.